POLL : Seeing yourself in an Episode Story

Situation :
You’ve just submitted your character into a story that you love. It’s a pretty popular one, so you can expect others have as well.

Knowing you won’t get a ‘big’ role, which of the following would you, as a reader, would like to see?

A) To see yourself multiple times, (3+ times) but only a couple lines, and pretty far apart.


B) To see yourself twice, being a some-what main character for two episodes, but never seen again.


C) Can you suggest another idea?

  • A
  • B
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Are people not okay with just appearing as a background character anymore? I thought that was what authors normally did when they put readers in the stories, especially if a lot of readers want to be included.


That was the case for most of my writing of my story, but lately I get complains that their character only appeared once / wasn’t a main character, or don’t want to be in it at all unless they are a main character (lel, I don’t think they realized I get like 2 character requests a day, and I don’t need their character.)

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It’s your story, you decide when you want them to appear and for how long. You’re in control of your own story : )