POLL: Story Endings

I can’t fit every type of ending into this poll, so I’m going to name a few.
Of course, it depends on the story. However, most people have a specific kind of ending they hope for.
So… what’s your favorite type of ending to a story?

  • Open-ended — it’s up to your imagination
  • Happily ever after — everything works out
  • Semi-happily ever after — some things work out, some don’t
  • Catch 22 — it doesn’t end well for anyone
  • Failure — the protagonist fails, and is left to pick up the pieces
  • Cliffhanger — ends abruptly, leaving you to wonder what happens
  • Other (say what it is below!)

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Also, in a story’s ending, do you prefer…

  • Ends in the present time
  • Fast-forward to the future
  • Montage of the present to the future

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I’m curious! Let me know what you think!

NOTE: I know it depends on the story. But, along with genre preferences also comes an ending preference. Please don’t complain that you can’t pick one. You don’t have to! This is just for fun.


I prefer somethings to be left ambiguous so that you can interpret it anyway you like. Kinda like the ending of Thelma and Louise, you can either believe they made it or they didn’t.


I think a mix of all those endings in the best. Leave some things up to the reader’s interpretation, have some characters fail, and have the protagonist resolve some things but not everything.
A montage of the present to the future can be very touching and a heart warming ending, but it may be “sappy,” “cringey,” or “unneccessary.” It’s completely up to you! :slight_smile:


It honestly does depends on the story for me though! Lol. I’d feel totally betrayed if a feel-good comedy ended in a downer, but if a story built for tragedy ended happily ever after, it would feel wrong there too.

If we’re talking generally, assuming the story doesn’t feel like it’s building up to anything too tragic, I tend to like the “semi-happily ever after” endings or even the “happily ever after” ones. Because if I’m attached to characters, I like to see them be okay. Open endings are alright I suppose, but they’re not what I prefer; I like something more decisive and concrete.

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I like the semi-happily ever after stories where some things work out and some don’t. I hate cliffhangers where your left never knowing what happens to the character after the story ends it’s feels incomplete that way.