POLL: Story idea

Sooo I had this idea for a story (I’m still workin on my most current) abt this ignorant daughter of a high class detective.

She basically tries to hunt down a criminal who her dad is investigating in an attempt to break free of his grip n prove herself. She discovers an organised crime boss (still workin on the fake mafia name I’m gonna use) using secret FBI information. She discovers him n starts to fall for him bc he manipulates her into not telling her dad. Then she begins to discover the realities of him. Since he’s a manipulator, ruthless n disgusting criminal. It will then b down to the points system to if she gets stuck in his web n has a v bad outcome (death) or if she escapes him and manages to get him locked up. Do u think u would read it? Or is it too cliche? It will probably b quite long n I’m still not sure…

Should I make it?
  • Lol no, babe far too cliche.
  • u should, it’s low-key original!

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@Lilyriley, what genre are you planning to put this in? (:

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It should b drama, I would never put a mafia story in romance

I wasn’t going to suggest romance, I was going to suggest something like thriller or drama since there is a chance the MC could die at the end (:

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Oh Ik dw, I just wanted to make it clear to ppl that I rlly don’t wanna romanticise such a serious topic… I think if I make it, I might put it in the thriller genre :face_with_monocle:

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That would work (:

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