Poll: Transgender Characters

I have a transgender character and I myself am not transgender so I want to reach out to people who understand if better then I do or are transgender themselves. My character is Male to female

Question: Should my trans character avatar/character be A male with long hair and female clothes, OR A female

  • Male with long hair and feminine clothes
  • Female

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Please vote, thank you for your help!


Thank you if you vote! :heart:

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When I saw your topic I was so happy cause I’m trans so I was really happy that someone on the Fourms was talking about what you made your topic about cause I feel like not many people here talk about the trans community or anything related to being trans or people being trans so I’m glad your talking about it :grin:


Of course, I think everyone in the world needs to be represented, Transgenders specifically!


I agree with you :slight_smile: And I think you having a trans character in your story is good and unique cause nobody on Episode I’ve ever heard of has a trans character in their story so I’m glad your shining a light on the trans community! :grin:



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I have one in mine though he hasent been intradoused yet, he will be intradoused pretty late in the story, but long from the end,

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depending on the story, you coupld maybe use both, like start with male body, and by time change to female as the transitision progress.

Ahh no. I pressed the wrong one. I was supposed to say female. It would honestly depend but like most trans people I know, you couldn’t really know they were trans unless you knew so I would personally pick female.

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depends on how far they are into the transition!


Thank you all for voting

I think definitely if your character identifies as female, choose the female body. It makes the most sense —-otherwise some readers might think your character is just male with female features and gender expression that’s rather feminine.


Hi !
I’m so happy to see someone including a transgender character in their story. It’s so rare, thanks !!

For your poll, it depends on which phase your character is.
Usually, transgender people have 3 phases :

  • The first one where they still look like the gender they were born as (so your character looks like a male)
  • The second one where they start transitioning, and they look like someone who’s transgender (so a male body with long hair & feminine clothes)
  • The third one where they finished their transition, and they fully look like their gender (so a female body) because they did surgery/took hormones etc.

So it depends on which phase your character is !! On the third phase, usually people can’t tell if the character is transgender or not, while on the second phase they can recognize that the character is transgender, because the character is androgynous.

Hope i helped :’)


If you’re showing the transition from male to female, it might be an idea to start with a male becoming more feminine and then let her transition to a full female body type (character in the script)?


Thanks for the feedback and help I really appreciate it!


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