POLL: What are the age groups on Episode?



Hey! I was thinking about it, and what main ages are their on episode and the community? Please vote!! I have made it anonymous but feel free to share your age if you want to!

What age group do you fit into?

  • Older than 30
  • 20-29
  • 15-19
  • Under 14
  • Other: Please List

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Also, what age group do you feel episode stories should be directed towards?

  • Older than 30
  • From 18-29
  • 14-17
  • 13 (Since that is when you are allowed to have an account, and everything should be appropriate since someone this age can access every story)
  • Under 13 (Not technically allowed to have an account)
  • All Ages
  • Other: Please List

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Discussion: Should Episode have a different age rating? Since some stories contain mature content?


Would you guys mind voting please?! :grin:


I feel like this would all be helpful, but like anyone can lie about their age and still get through, but it’s a good start.


I am 15 :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I’m old… haha


I am 23


Discussion is my calling.

I don’t think Episode should of an different age rating. If a different age range was to be enforced it would be very difficult to maintain. As mentioned around the forums, practically everyone lies about their age, while I know one thread suggests using a Credit Cards, which might be good. I’d only support it if it was a completely separate app. Pay to download app.


Wow there is an All ages option


I am 16 going on 17zzzz🤪


Voted! And I’m 15 :grin:


Thanks for tagging me, hun.


I’m 6
I’m just kidding :joy:


Yeah, :joy: cause some people may believe that episode stories are fine for all ages (I personally don’t really believe this, I believe it depends on the story. But some people may have other opinions so I thought I would put it on :grin:)


I was about to say.


yas woah…


Yeah so true there are really nice stories for 11-13 year old then again there are stories that are not appropriate for the young ppl eyes


I’m still probably the oldest one here


Hmm I might be with you or older


How old are you are you 30


I’m over 30


Seriously nah I don’t believe that :thinking::thinking::thinking: