POLL: What features do you like most in an episode story?

I’m curious to know what people like to see in an episode story.

please select the four most important features you like in episode stories!

  • CC (character customization)
  • Music and/or sound effects
  • Mini games!
  • Clickable overlays
  • A lot of choice branching
  • point system (a.k.a “survival points”, “relationship points”, etc)
  • Complex storylines
  • LGBTQ+ options
  • a lot of overlay use (blankets, moving titles, etc)
  • super short stories (3 episodes)
  • short stories (4-10 episodes)
  • medium stories (11-25 episodes)
  • long stories (26-50 episodes)
  • super long stories (51+ episodes)
  • custom backgrounds and overlays
  • multiple love interests
  • one love interest
  • no love interests
  • text effects

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Thank you for voting! This can help a lot of writers who struggle to know what to prioritize :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
make sure to comment anything I may have forgotten to include :slight_smile:

:love_letter: Emma E. L.


I like to see majority of these things minus super long episodes.

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I’m really into complex, long storylines and advanced choices

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