POLL: What interests a reader to spend gems to support a writer THE MOST? 🤩

So…I’m writing a story and I would like to know how my readers would be interested to spend gems to boost my story rank… :blush:

What would make you interested to spend gems to support me and my story? :gem:
  • If I add "Support Me’ at the end of every episode [5 :gem:]
  • If I add “Early Access” [10 :gem:]
  • Bonus scenes [5 :gem:]
  • Maximizing Points [5 :gem:]
  • Adding the option for “Watch the Trailer” before starting of Episode 1 [8 :gem:]
  • Adding the option for “See a sneak peek of the next chapter” at the end of every episode [5 :gem:]

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:butterfly: These are the options I have thought so far :sweat_smile:
You can ALSO share YOUR OWN ideas you think that will make my readers want to spend gems for my story :blob_hearts:
Any feedback is appreciated :blush::heart:


I say support the author but you need to be my friend for me to do it. I am a gem hoarder, so it would need to be a very good story and I need to know the author and know if they are a good person. :woman_shrugging: So if you are nice and have a good story and updating schedule then I think people will be more inclined to spend gems as they are precious especially to people like me.


I literally selected all but the “sneak peek the next chapter” I hate spoiling myself :moyai: but If a story is really addictive then ofc im using diamonds :partying_face:

-I TRIED selecting all choices…


Honestly just a simple support the author choice for me. If your story and directing is great, I’ll spend the gems.


bonus scene depend on what it is, if its like an extra there dont matter to the plot but is really long, I properly pay the gems,

my own story use a point system there can unlock scenes, and if you dont have enough points you can unlock them with gems, this scenes are like 500 lines, ofcourse because they are locked they wont matter to the story. but they are still interesting to read.

Aweee…then I HAVE to include ALL of them in my story for you :blush::kissing_cat: :blob_hearts:


anyway I can help support authors, especially the experienced and great writers<3


Early access 10 gems? Isn’t it 8?
Also, first time heard the idea of watching trailer before Episode. But one suggestion, if we’ve already opened the episode, won’t we rather read it?


Ohh…I was just giving a random option… its not that serious much…
just your opinions… :grin:

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