•POLL• What is your favorite Creator’s Contest?

Hello everyone!

For a while, Episode has held contests. In these contests, authors must write about an idea Episode chooses. The winner gets to be on a special shelf!

I believe this thread will be helpful because it will help Episode choose an idea that we like.

  • Heroes & Villains
  • Fantastical
  • Thriller
  • Dirty Dancing
  • College Days
  • Missed Connections
  • Another World
  • Clue
  • Adventurous
  • Star Power

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My absolute favourite was the Star Power prompt


Just added it. :cupid::art:

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I never did them… lol

I can’t recall all of the contests in my head, but there were also Cupid’s Arrow and Pitch Perfect

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I liked Fantastical and Another World a lot. :stars:

There are a few missing from the list if you’re going all the way back (e.g Mysterious, Spotlight, Pitch Perfect, Dream Job, Rebounding etc).

I voted for H&V and Another World even though I didn’t enter either. I personally like prompts where there’s a bit of direction (as opposed to vague prompts like “thriller”), but where you still have a lot of flexibility (for both of these, I believe you could write in any genre).


Sorry! It won’t let me edit anymore. For the most part, I just put the contests that had a thread. :high_brightness:

Omg yes H&V winning. It’s the best contest of all time, period.

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