Poll: What kind of stories you prefer?

What do you say? :smiley:

  • I want more featured stories like In my bed
  • I want more featured stories with sexual content
  • I want more users stories with sexual content
  • Nah, no sexual content at all, that’s boring.

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Shit, I choose the wrong answer.

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I wanted to pick the “No sexual content”, but meh.

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None of the above?
I don’t think sexual content should belong to this platform in particular, but that doesn’t mean I find it boring at all lmao


You don’t give us much of an option. Sexual content doesn’t bother me, but it’s not all I like.

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The guideline need to change. No excessive, but sex should be allowed if it’s tasteful.

It’s actuslly a beautiful way of expressing your love for each other. It’s how we both were created :wink:

I said as long as it’s tasteful. I think showing two people embracing/kissing in the nude is perefecly acceptable

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I don’t like sexual content, so none.

What do you mean and think that something else was happening? Of course they’d be having sex. You don’t have to show the actual act (ie, penis entering vagina)