POLL: What should my story description be?

Hey, so I’ve been thinking up a new story lately about a trans girl named Remy. It’s in its very early stages of fruition, so the plot has a couple of different places it could go. Basically, which description and plot would make you want to read the story the most?

Synopsis 1:
Every teenager has their own struggles. For some, they get too much homework. For others, they don’t feel pretty enough. But for Remy, it was being born trans in the deep south.

This one goes a little south (no pun intended) about what’s actually going to happen in the story, which is fine since most episode descriptions have to since the character count is so low. It’s got a nice hook though.

Synopsis 2:
Remy is moving to a new school that she knows is gonna suck. On the first day she meets an oddly familiar boy, and maybe school will suck a little less. Now she just has to keep the fact that she’s trans a secret.

This one kinda makes it sound like a romance, but I honestly don’t want this story to turn love into the main focus. I don’t know if this is just my perfectionist ass though. Once again, I think it’s got a nice hook and it’s kinda funny, in a sort of pessimistic way.

Synopsis 3:
Nobody knows that Remy is a trans girl, and she intends to keep it that way at her new school. But through a long line of blackmail and backstabs, things take a dark, dark turn.

This one’s got a lot of potential in my opinion, it’s written nicely and it sounds the most dramatic/action filled imo.

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