[POLL] What Type of Endings Do You Like?

So, personally, I absolutely felt devastated after reading a story I loved but ended very sadly in my opinion. However, for some sick twisted reason, that is exactly what I am going to do. :disappointed_relieved:

Why did I create this thread?

  • Because I might change my mind about the ending I will create in the future
  • I want to see what other people feel about different types of endings
  • I’m just a curious pre-teen… hehe
  • Happy Endings
  • A choice for the type of ending I want
  • Sad Endings

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Basically, a choice for the type of ending I want, is being able to decide yourself, as the reader, what ending you want, not the author’s ending.


Hopefully, this will not only be helpful to myself, but to a lot of authors on the forums who would like to see some readers/authors opinion on this. :heart:


When it comes to endings, I don’t like choosing my own. The reason for that is because I end up disappointed with the ending I get. Usually, they end up being short and quick. Maybe I’m making the wrong choices? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
I dislike happy endings because, they are way too happy cliché like to me.
I have to go with sad endings. If it makes me sad, I know I felt some connection with the story.


I can relate so much! When I get to pick the ending, most of the time (cough Dead 7) I choose an option that I didn’t really want, but I had no idea what I was choosing, it was more of like a guess. Love Me Black & Blue was the first story on Episode in which the ending was not like others, and you don’t end up with the love of your life. I agree, happy endings tend to be really cliche unless they do not include the normal “we had a baby” and “we got married”, so now, you have a happily ever after. I guess that’s part of the reason why I wanted to go for more of a sad ending. Hopefully, though, this will help me see what people would want the ending to come out like. So maybe I will put a choice, but of course, they will both be long and will provide enough closure for the story. :blush:

Thx for your opinion! :heart:

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