POLL : What would you like to read?


So I have two stories up my sleeve and I am going to publish them really soon and I am working on both of them but i am confused as to what you would like me to publish first and update more frequently.

Idea - 1 : A vishkanya , creature of the myths , known for her poison and shape shifting abilities dead set on taking revenge and a naga who swore to kill every poison belong to two different worlds. What happens when the naga who was appointed to kill her falls for her ? Will they fight for saving their love or let the distance between their worlds become a barrier between them ?

Idea - 2 : Saasha Raven is back for revenge from her bullies and this time she is ready for anything that comes her way , or so she thought until a certain bad boy makes a bet with her. It is Bad boy vs Bad girl and all bets are off and weapons are unsheathed. The challenge is simple - The one who does not fall for the other in the next three months wins. Easy right ? Well with the cold hearted facade of the bad boy and the bad girl’s walls fading away . anything is possible.

So which one would you like me to publish first and focus on more ?

  • Idea - 1
  • Idea - 2

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Who wants to be friends?!

Wow, I really like both of your ideas. But I think I like the second idea more.
Notify me when you published it!!

Can’t wait to read it. :see_no_evil:


Thank you so much ! That means a lot ! Can you please let your friends to vote here too since I need as much feedback on both of them as I can get !


I will try.


Thanks again !


Your welcome! :heart:


Great ideas, I love them both!


I love the idea of Number 2 @BadassSaasha but I prefer those types of stories anyway :heart:


Thanks guys !


@amberose I trust your opinion , would you please vote for one of them?


Aww I feel special


You should !


I value your opinion more than others coz I just love you that much. I can’t find your face in there , can you tell me which idea you vote for ?


I love you too Saash :heart: I picked number 2 because it’s more my choice of genre. Although I can see idea number 1 is more popular. I’ll read either of them though so it doesn’t matter which one you do first


Ah I can’t tell you how much I love you right now.


I think you just did hahahahaha


Okay so everyone of you I am making the both of them since adding up the results of forums and instagram it was a really close call I guess so yeah! But now I need more coders so let me know if anyone’s interested.