POLL: What would you prefer to see? (MY STORY)

Hey there! I’m doing this mini-game thing where the MC goes around and talks to (originally) 5 characters. Now that I’m realizing it, it might get repetitive, and I was thinking that they would first interview one, and then have the option to pick 2 that they are interested in, and then they would eventually interview the LI. But, that’s still 4/5 characters. Now, I’m thinking they just choose 1 character, and then interview the LI. What would you like to see?

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  • Interview ALL the characters (5/5)
  • Interview MOST of the characters (4/5)
  • Interview SOME of the characters (3/5)
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The 5 characters include interviewing the LI.

I think that you could have the default be 3 characters, but then give the reader the option to pay a few gems to unlock the other 2 interviews. I know that gem choices can be controversial, but this is usually the type of gem choice people don’t mind.

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This such a cool idea! Thanks! I’ll definitely add it in as like a gem bonus scene or a gem scene there!

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No problem! I often find that when writing, if I can’t decide whether I should add in ‘more’, I will have character points or gems decide whether or not the scene will be added.

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