POLL: What's a better flashback filter?

What filter do you think works better for a flashback scene? :thinking:

  • Black & White
  • Sepia

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Sepia, in my opinion.

I use black and white for dreams, since (if I remember correctly), we actually dream in black and white and our brain “colours” everything quickly when we wake up. Or something like that.

Hopefully, I am not making up things.


I believe it… but in reality I have NO CLUE! :rofl:

haha I just can’t decide what I like better for my story! :sob:

Follow your heart! Both look good. Or just wait for a day and check on the poll later!

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thanks! they both look so good it makes it hard to choose! haha I’ll figure it out tho :blush:

I really think it comes down to personal taste! My favorite of the two is black and white, although I like slightly desaturated coloring the best for memory scenes. :orange_heart:


I don’t use the preset filters, I actually adjust the settings to my liking. I like to desaturate the scene to show it’s a flashback. The way I see things (hopefully this makes sense) is that we don’t remember the past exactly as it was. Memories seem to be altered based on emotions (at least mine) so I show flashbacks as less vivid.


I don’t think so, since I believe there was a study that said people dreamt in black and white before colour TV and started dreaming in colour in the 60s when colour TV became a thing

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Personally, I use the Sepia filter for flashbacks

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Wow it’s pretty much a tie but more people seem to like black & white lol :grin:

I prefer to use B&W, mainly because I used sepia for a different purpose in one of my stories.

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As for now, I think my vote put sepia in the lead :rofl:

I sometimes feel like black and white becomes a little too artistic for my taste.

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:joy::joy:now it’s tied!

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Thank you all for your input but ultimately I decided just to blend my own filter and make it my own :blush: All you’re ideas we’re useful I just wanted to do my own thing and play with the colors until I found something that was me in the end! However I do have some GREAT IDEAS I want to use for B&W in the future :smiling_imp:

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