POLL: What's the best-worst cliche on Episode?

Which one do you like most? :joy:
What’s your guilty pleasure? :wink:

  • Mafia Gang Leader Bad Boy Boss
  • Classic Love Triangle
  • Curly-Haired Mean Girl vs Beach Wave Protagonist
  • Misunderstood Boy in Leather With Cheese Grater Abs
  • The I-Don’t-Wear-Dresses Protagonist
  • Teacher/Professor/Superior + Student
  • Help! My Roomate/Neighbour is Hot and They Don’t Notice Me!
  • Help! I’m Hot and I Don’t Know It!
  • Vampires vs Werewolves + Love Triangle
  • I’m Pregnant Because the Author Wanted to Use Maternity Clothes
  • Anything Written by the Official Episode Team

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Erm how about none of them lol


:joy: :joy: :joy:

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I love the “misunderstood bad boy” and “mischievous golden boy” tropes. I wish we had more stuff like that, I don’t wanna see abusive assholes that ruin their image :japanese_goblin:

I kind of like the nerd makeover trope, but there needs to be more reason for the makeover. Not just because of a boy.


I’m dying at the…
“I’m pregnant because the author wanted to use maternity clothes”


I could go for a “mischievous golden boy” :drooling_face:


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None… gross!

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One of my stories is sort of mafia/bad boy related, but not in a cliche sense, lol.

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Idk why but I snort-laughed at that :tired_face:

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LOL. :joy:

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Sounds impossible :thinking:

Can it be? A true Episode Pioneer?!

Maybe. xd

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