POLL: Which Do You Like Best? (Ree Covers & Art)

I’m having a giveaway and it looks like the “Magical” inspiration is going to win the poll. So, I’ve been playing around and came up with a few “magically inspired” artworks.

Giveaway Link: POLL & GIVEAWAY #2 (Ree Covers & Art)

Which one do you like best???

  • Brimstone Witch (red)
  • Bad-Azz Magic (purple)
  • Third Eye Of The Sun (orange)

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Freaking Amazing…You’re freaking talented

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ML @MystikLunaa !! Now I’m blushing! Sheesh.

I absolutely LOVE magical art! its so fun creating them :slight_smile:


Thanks for your help everyone! It looks like Bad-Azz Magic will be the giveaway prize!