POLL: Which makes a better art scene?

I’m in the process of making an episode that is admittedly pretty complicated so it’s going to take a while.
In the meantime, I am working story pieces for world-building elements. Among these includes some childhood photos for some of my main characters. I like the way they are turning out as I am just using the episode characters along with some pngs and painting in photoshop. While making them I got to wondering if it was really necessary to make complicated art scenes for cut scenes or if I could just use the characters and edit them like I’m doing to the “photographs”.

Let me know which one you prefer and why. Personally, I prefer the edits over the art scenes because . . . well, they take less time and you don’t get taken out of the world as much with these realistic looking characters all of a sudden in a separate scene but I don’t really expect everyone to feel the same. Then again art scenes are really pretty to look at so idk. At the same time, the art scene creators are very talented so maybe edits would be a creative way for people to create their own?

Anyway here are some examples of what I mean when I say art scene vs edit. Let me know what you think, any input is helpful even if it’s just to say how bad my editing skills are lol.


WIP- not done yet

Art scene

NOT MINE -Episode The teacher

Tell me what you think in the poll below.

  • I like the edits :heart_eyes:
  • I like the art scenes :heart_eyes:
  • I like both :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
  • I like neither :expressionless:

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Thank you :blob_hearts:


I really like your edits!!!

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Thank you so much!

awww the edit with the baby is so cute

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thank you❤️

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Those are both GOD TIER! Love em

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I like edits for art scene better because that’s what I do, plus some non Episode style art scenes can be an absolute reading turnoff in my opinion.

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Thank you for the compliment, it means a lot :blob_hearts:

Yeah, personally for me too. I feel like Episode started including them to compete with another app that shall not be named that uses a lot of realism but other than that I never really understood why they started doing them. They look nice and everything but like you said it can be a turn off considering nothing else in the episode looks that way. Maybe if they made them look more like their adverts and covers? It’s the straight-up realism that puts me off not necessarily the art. But then again some people like the sudden realism so idk :woman_shrugging:t5:

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I agree, although sometimes the art itself draws me away lol. For realism, I guess the issue is that the people’s features don’t look like the ones on episode. I would’ve been fine if they look at least a bit alike.

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