POLL: Which POV Do You Prefer?

What narrative point of view do you prefer, specifically in Episode stories? First person, where the main character is the narrator - “I did this then I went there.” Second person, where the narrator tells the reader what they are doing in the story - “You felt this way so you did that.” Or third person where the narrator is a third party - “The MC did something and this happened”. Lemme know why in the replies :black_heart:

  • First Person
  • Second Person
  • Third Person

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I like all three depending on how it’s done.


I think that if an episode character was talking it would make most sense for them to say I (so 1st person), although I think 3rd person would work for narrations but doesn’t have to be for that. Personally I feel like 2nd person could work more with a different format

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First person all day every day. :sunglasses: It’s the most popular, and I’ve heard that people find it easier to slip into the emotions of the MC when it’s “I” rather than “she.”

The only reason to use third person would be in books when it has to flip between perspectives within a chapter, but in Episode, the narrator box removes the need for that.

Omniscient view: third person book vs. first person Episode

Emma stood at the edge of the shore, her toes curling in the mud as the waves washed over her ankles. She watched the sun set that early September evening. This summer had been the greatest of her life, and she wished it didn’t have to be over.
Beside her, Ryan’s eyes weren’t on the sunset, but on her. He liked these moments, when she was distracted by something, and he got to watch her quietly. The dim orange rays made her face glow. He, too, wanted to capture this moment in time.


(sunset, shore, and date are already shown in visuals/context)
I curled my toes in the mud, feeling the waves wash over my ankles. This summer has been the greatest of my life.
I wish it didn’t have to end.

As she watched the sunset, I got a moment to look at her without her noticing. The dim orange rays made her face glow.
I wish I could capture this moment in time.

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I think if your story has a self-insert MC (like the reader can change the name and details of the character) you should do either first person or second person (although I’m more inclined towards first person, because second person looks wrong to me in any other format than just straight writing lol).
If your story only has limited CC or no CC I would say go for third person if you’re thinking. It’s another subtle reminder that this isn’t a story about “us” but a story we are reading about someone else.

But at the end of the day: they’re your stories to tell, so do whatever you want. :woman_shrugging:

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i like second person in games if its done well. one of my favourite dating sims (friendsim) uses second person narration, and even though as you get to know the mc’s personality you realise they’re not actually a blank slate for “you”, you still feel close to them because the narration is so good.


Good point. Welcome to the forums!

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You’re welcome! :slight_smile:

I actually like second person a lot, but first person isn’t too bad either! You see second person quite a bit in apps like Choice of Games or other visual/text-based storytelling platforms and I’ve almost grown attached to it being done that way.