Poll! Which Story should I work on?

Hey, y’all! So lately I’ve actually been writing my stories for the app, which is awesome!!! No writer’s block!

However, I keep switching between two stories and that means I’m hardly getting anything actually done!

So, I turn to you, my episodians, with a poll.

Which of my two stories should I work on first and publish?

Option number one is called The Synthesia Diaries.

It revolves around a crime detective living in LA during a string of high profile bank robberies, and one day, on her off day from work, she is at the bank as it is robbed by a gang of criminals. However, as the criminals escape with the goods, Clementine (the MC) makes eye contact with the head, looking deep into the eyes of someone from her past. Who is it? You’ll have to read it to know!

The short description, (written by @hollywood.episode) is…
When a crime detective spots a fleeing criminal, she thinks nothing of it. That is until she is lead to an address, leaving her with a huge dilemma. What secrets will she uncover?


My second story: Silent Song, which revolves around a high school girl named Lavender who was born mute. Even though no words come from her lips, she has the gift of songwriting. When her and a group of her brother’s friends all join together to make a band, it feels like Lavender is at the height of her life… until everything comes crashing down because of a jealous band member.

The short description, again written by @hollywood.episode is…
At first, you’d think a girl who can’t speak would have a sad life. Wrong! Lavender’s life is taking off. But every dream has to end. What happens when her dreams get shattered?

Which would you like to read?

  • The Synthesia Diaries
  • Silent Song
  • Neither? :frowning:

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Leave a comment down below about my stories, suggestions to improve, or anything. I want to hear from y’all!


Both of your stories sound interesting! Maybe u can start with either 1 of this story then begin with the other one? :smiley: :heart:

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The problem is I’ve written about a chapter of both of them, so it’s not even like I’ve got more of one than the other. :sweat_smile:

Thank you for the compliment!

Continue to chapter 2 for 1 of it then the other. Good luck! I’m sure readers will love your stories :smiley:

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I like your thinking. Then I don’t have to pick. :joy: God knows how indecisive I am.

Hehe u can start with the ones with most votes in your poll.

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I’m just gonna bump this so more people can see it. :joy::joy:

Bumpity bump!

I kind of really like the premise of the Synthesia Diaries. It looks like the kind of story that has so much room for creativity, suspense, comedy, mystery, tension, thrill😃…
and who doesn’t love a morally grey well written character (the criminal she might know)?:joy:

I swear that premise makes me wish that I’d come up with it😁

Also, this is just my opinion, the short summary you’ve given for Synthesia Diaries could bring in a lot more reads if you chose to use it instead as the story’s description. It really gives the readers just enough information to give them an idea of what the story is about but enough to get them to want to find answers by reading.

:innocent::yellow_heart: Again that’s just my opinion, as the author you can do whatever you want.


Since the story description Can only be 180 characters or around there, it’s hard to fit everything in the description that I want to.

Thank you so much for the compliment though! I always want to write the stories and the characters that make people envious that they didn’t think of it. :joy::joy::joy:


What of

LAPD’s finest Clementine insert surname finds herself in the middle of the biggest bank robbery the city has ever seen. And at the head of the gang is someone she just might know.

If her surname is short enough to fit the characters in [insert surname] then it’ll be 180 characters.

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Huh, that sounds cool! And that includes everything in my long description which makes it interesting?

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:joy: since you clarified why it has to be 180 characters I tried to limit it to the main plot points in your summary. 1. That she’s in law enforcement
2. The inciting incident that sets the story in motion - the bank robbery
3. That she might know one of the criminals.

What I actually thought was the most interesting part of your summary was the dynamics between your characters. It hints at the tension between them that’s bound to unfold in the story because she’s for the law and he’s against the law. Reading your summary made me want to buy a front row ticket to see that tension unfold :joy:.


Sounds great! Thank you so much for helping me! I hope you’ll like my story when it comes out!

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:hugs: Can’t wait. Good luck with the writing

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