(Poll) Which title do you like most? (Fantasy/Horror/Mystery)

I’ve had this idea for a fantasy mystery and kinda horror story for over a year know. I have 2 ongoing stories atm so I can’t (and don’t want to) start working on it properly before finishing at least one.

To describe it roughly it’s about a guy who can control death. A little bit like “Death Note”, though I’ve had this idea before I even watched it and knew what it was about, so it’s not inspired by it. In addition: he’s not born with these powers but gains them in an accident.

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Not all title ideas are full as you can see so maybe you can suggest something? :innocent:

The original title was “Other Side” which is way to basic for me now… :sweat_smile:

Vote for 2 titles you like the most

  • Hardly God
  • Speak Of The God
  • Among Shadows
  • Dark Matters
  • something with Styxx1
  • No Heaven / There’s No Heaven
  • Death’s Gift
  • Death’s Child
  • Death’s Ritual
  • Death Seeker
  • something with Eternal
  • Sandman’s 2 Song
  • Sandman’s Gift
  • Crossing Nether 3
  • Swan Song 4
  • Elysium 5
  • Undertake(r/n)
  • Realm Of Pluto 6

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Phrase explanation:

1 Styx- (Greek mythology) river between Earth and the Underworld
2 Sandman - mythical character in European folklore who puts people to sleep
3 Nether - Underworld
4 Swan song - (methaphor) an artist’s last performance
5 Elysium - heaven
6 Pluto - (Greek mythology) ruler of the underworld (also known as Hades)

PS. I know there’s a movie “Among The Shadows” with Lindsay Lohan…


I really like “Hardly God”, that title would draw my attention most. :ok_hand:


Thank you! It’s my fave as well :innocent:

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Bump :slight_smile:

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Death’s child

Dark Matter

Both sounds horror and creepy and fantasy


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