POLL: Would you read a collection of short stories?

Would you read a collection of short stories here on episode?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Maybe (please explain)

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I have been debating making a collection of short stories as a way to get back into episode and would like to know how many people would be interested in reading one.

What would turn you away from this?

What would interest you in this?


What would turn you away from this?

Ans: I just don’t like it when the story is rushed. So take your time. I love reading short stories, and the chapters are less, and not long. But it depends on your plot, and how long you’ll narrow it down in the episodes/chapters. I think.

What would interest you in this?

Ans: A well-written and directed story! Make your readers hooked with a wow factor!

  1. Your vision of your characters. (You don’t always need to add CC, or Limited CC, but then again it’s your choice.)

  2. Good backgrounds, and overlays.

  3. Good grammar. Make sure to get a proofreader if you need to, to check on your story.

  4. The plot keeps me interested, and the pacing is good, and not rushed.

  5. I don’t really care about the choices. I’ll read stories with and without choices.

  6. Point system, you can include, and don’t include, it’s optional.

  7. Mini-games are also optional, and I like them sometimes.

  8. Please do not include art scenes if you have CC, doesn’t make any sense if you have it and you let your readers customize themselves.

  9. Different short-themed stories. Meaning, I’d like to read some short stories about pirates, fairies, detectives, coaches (can be sports, etc.), etc. Anything, with romance, and non-romance, sportsmanship, family, etc.