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Planning on taking down people who destroyed your life, you join [GROUP], thinking they would provide the answers you were looking for. But when lies and betrayals were thrown in, you were forced to make a choice. Now you’re on the run, and you’re no longer the hunter, you’re the prey. And they won’t stop until they find you.

Genre: action, drama, romance


Alternative summary

A traumatic event in the past leads you to wanting revenge. When you come across [GROUP], it seems like you could get the answers you were looking for. Little did you know you should have known better than trust anyone.

This is actually the summary for the main story and the sequel. The main story will take place before the betrayal and the sequel is when the MC is on the run. Hope this makes sense

I’m trying not to say too much not to spoil the story but I hope you still get the idea!

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Forgot to mention that [GROUP] is supposed to be the name of the group you’re joining. I just haven’t found a name yet :see_no_evil:

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