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Previously, I did a poll to see if I should write up a trilogy and the people have spoken! I will be writing a trilogy but now, I have some ideas and I would love if some of you guys could help me out & bounce ideas off with me.

We have such a creative community and I am sure some of you out there will be a great help!

So, this is the sequel to my story Crossed Paths (it is my baby :joy:) and it is called Dynasty. I am far too attached to Crossed Paths and the fact that it will have an ending upsets me greatly so to help me shut the hell up I am making this sequel haha.

Rosa sitting on a throne of air.

My ideas and the rough plot so far:

  • The main character is called Rosa-Perez Johnson and she is the daughter of Mindy Perez, renowned scientist & academic and Derek Johnson, the executive director of Johnson Publishing House.

  • Rosa has a senior position at work and is on the verge of inheriting not only a fortune but the company her grandfather created with a friend of his.

  • She has very big plans to produce a weekly magazine, an educational institute, etc. which are all the visions that her father had and she is a recipe for success. Everything is working out well but there is a massive hinderance in her way.

  • Her grandfather has written in his will (legally-binding statement, no loopholes and all that jazz), that Rosa must marry at the age of 28 but she is now 26 and a half. Rosa has very little interest in romance and is a fiercely independent woman.

  • Rosa is in shock, how is she supposed to find a man to marry her in such a short space of time? She tries online dating but that goes badly.

  • However, she ends up having an associate who will work closely with her but she is annoyed by this as Rosa believes she is very capable of her job - she does not need any help. Her hostility towards the associate is more to do with Rosa’s ego than it is to do with the guy himself.

  • If Rosa does not fulfill the statement in the will, the company will be handed over to her cousin Rodrick (they cannot stand each other and they are strong rivals in the world of business). Rodrick has a highly contrasting for Johnson’s Publishing House which will be lucrative but a drain on society which Rosa is infuriated by.

This is all I have so far, I need some help on how she will get to meet some more love interests, and help with the plot.

Thank you so much!

Days :heart:

Here’s a little poll, so to speak!

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If it is not your thing, I am still gonna write it :laughing: but maybe, provide some ideas on what you would like to see as I am curious to see what you all think!


Here is Rosa.

She is a young firecracker, independent, witty and gorgeous but her success and stature intimidates guys. She’s never really had much luck in the love department and usually indulges in flings, hookups with little feeling, etc.


I can help ya.

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Awesome, can you post some ideas here please :heart:


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Just give me a second

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No problem and thanks so much! :heart_eyes:

No problem! Now you have a good story plot already, and I don’t exactly know what you want to add more to it. Could you maybe tell me how the love interest and the Mc meet and how well they get along?

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Sure, so with the love interest - I wanted multiple love interests.

One would be Luke who is a poet - he meets Rosa as Rosa goes for a morning run and she bumps into him. Rosa brushes it off but she ends up bumping into Luke during a high-profile gala.

The other love interest would be Ethan who is Rosa’s associate who she sort of has a love-hate relationship with. At first, Rosa and Ethan have a hostile relationship - it is not because they hate each other but rather because Rosa is not comfortable having someone else working with her. Ethan bites back being just as hostile - I want it to be sort of a love-hate chemistry thing between them, like they lowkey like each other. At one point, Ethan and her get into a pretty intense argument which causes Rosa to just outright kiss him lol.

I am planning for maybe another love interest (maybe someone she is fixed up with but it does not work out so he is more of a side-character) but I feel like it would clog the story up if I have too many love interests in the story, I want a lesson to be learnt from the story that love comes to you when you least expect it.

I suppose with adding to it I wanted perhaps more of a side-story, or to lengthen out the plot so it could be around 20 episodes long or so.

Perhaps I will have multiple endings - so the reader chooses who they end up with!


I would just like some ideas and little plot points or moments to bounce off of haha!

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A bonus question for you all, would you read this story if I were to publish it?


Would love to have some thoughts and ideas, guys!!


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I like her name :laughing:


After I read the other one :laughing::heart:

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Ah awesome and thank you so much :gift_heart::sparkling_heart:

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It’s my pleasure :smiley::two_hearts:

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Ooohh… this sounds really interesting! I would definitely read it!

It’s a interesting storyline and one that I haven’t seen on episode before. Super excited about Rosa. She seems awesome and strong. Also really like that the characters are a bit “older”.

I like the love interests so far. Who can’t like a poet? :heart_eyes: And Ethan seems like a good choice to the second one. I’d say do no more than two love interests if the reader gets a choice between them. I’ve been meaning to check out Crossed Paths (have it in my favorites) but I haven’t found the time to read anything lately. Gonna start reading it tonight.


Awesome and thank you so so much!

I appreciate the suggestion, I think two love interests will be best! :heart:

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So far so good, would love to have a few more votes to see what you guys think as I would love this to be something my readers would enjoy!

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You know I love your stories twin! This one seems really unique and I haven’t seen something like that on episode.

Maybe you should think of some dramatic scenes when Rose tells the love interests that she has to marry someone soon. One of them could react understanding, the other one could be mad or so.

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