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Ah I love that idea so much and thank you :heart:

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I just have a question about this post:
Then who would be better than the better person?
The one who reacts understanding or the one who gets mad?

I mean, the person who reacts understanding calms you down and is supportive.
But with the other person, you realize that he really likes you.

What do you think?
I’m just asking for your personal opinion

and thanks for reading…

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I wanted to answer your question, but then I saw

and just thought “oh…your not asking me…” :sweat_smile:

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Please answer :sweat_smile::pleading_face:

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That is a good question and I think I would leave the idea of who the better person is up to the reader but I know who will be who.

Ethan (associate) would be mad. Steam blowing out of his ears, he does not know how to digest this information. He would probably flip but it is because he is scared and even upset that Rosa has such an obligation. He is very assertive and he takes very little bullshit - this is a massive reason why Rosa and him clash because they are so much like each other.

Luke would be more understanding - he gets that this is something she has to do but equally he is sort of freaked out by it all. He is somewhat passive/complacent as a character and very mellow which is quite the opposite of Rosa. This can be good as he can balance her out but bad because she may feel there is an imbalance in the relationship.

This is a good question tbh - I would need to look deeper into the characters and the reasoning behind their reactions I suppose. I feel like Ethan’s reaction is a reflection of Rosa’s reaction but I think Ethan in the eyes of Rosa would be better.


Yas I love this discussion. You are high key giving me ideas for the plot :joy::laughing:

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@DaysThanks for your llllooooooonngggg answer
I think this is a good idea

but my question was fopr you and not ROSA


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We’re brainstorming :smile:

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Ah okay, haha I feel like I would prefer Ethan’s reaction. I mean I would want Ethan to cool down afterwards but I would be able to tell he feels passionately about it.



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Me too

Haha alright :joy:

I’d say it depends on their previous behaviour and their past. If the one who gets mad because he thinks you’re only using him then I totally understand him, but if he doesn’t let me explain, then he can leave me alone.
If the one being okay with it is a player and thinks about the money he’ll get, or if he want to marry me right away, I think that’s just weird.
But normally, if both guys are reasonable with their decisions and actions, I’d go for the one being supportive. As long as I’m sure he does it because he likes me and not because he wants to be married to someone owning a big business


OK thanks for answering and thinking about this question :smiley:
It’s really interesting to hear the opinion of others and to see their point of view…

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My English today really sucks. :sweat: WHY CAN’T I BE A NATIVE SPEAKER


Soo I understand that :sweat_smile:


Guys, your English is really good and English is a weird language - coming from a native speaker

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Thanks :joy: :sweat_smile:

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No worries and your input is greatly appreciated, thank you!! Crossed Paths is going to take a while to end and there will be quite a meaty plot (lol that sounds dodgy) but I will make sure to make a thread when Dynasty is released :smiley:

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