Poll: Writer’s Community Name


Hey all!

We’re trying to come to a consensus about the name, “Writer’s Community”. We want it to be a place for open discussion of ideas, encourage sharing & seeking feedback.

Which name suits this community best? We want you guys to decide!

  • Writer’s Community
  • Writer’s Block
  • Creator’s Corner
  • Creative Center

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Writer’s Block is certainly a cute name, but I had to go with Creator’s Corner. I like the alliteration and it seems very fitting.


Hm, well the old forums readers ‘and’ writers used it. I’m not sure limiting it to ‘creators’ or ‘writers’ would be very inclusive for people who are only readers? I know I used the forums before I became a writer on Episode to find stories in the first place or view discussions on stories. Or am I missing the point of what these new forums will be for? I just feel the community is both readers and writers alike.


If I’m not mistaken or misunderstanding, I think the Writer’s Community in these forums is separate from the General Community, so writers who need help will know exactly where to go when they’re looking for guidance or assistance. At least that’s how I’m interpreting it.


That’s exactly it! They’ll also be able to look for collabortive partners and find resources they may need.

It’s, of course, open for any one who wants to participate! Readers, writers, creators, artists, and critics. This won’t be an exclusice group, but a collabortive creative space.


Ah ha! @Scotti then that makes sense now! Thanks :sunglasses: still trying to navigate these new forums :metal:


As Gretchen would say, “Creator’s Corner” is so fetch.


Writer’s Block is fetcher!


Writer’s Block does have a good ring to it. LOL


Doesn’t it?! Most people don’t seem to think so :joy:.


Writer’s Block! i like the double meaning it carries :heart_eyes:


Yes girl! You always understand me! It’s literally the coolest name there. :upside_down_face:


Creator’s Corner sounds so cutee :blush:



Creator’s corner is the best one for me. Not only because of the alliteration but because I feel like it’s more accurate than those that have “Writer” in the name since this section is not only used by authors but by cover and background artists as well.


I agree. Also, it includes directors, who don’t necessarily do any “writing” per se.


I like Writers Community. But not enough to make like 100 accounts to change the polls. . …


Exactly! And they make up a great part of this community.

About our New Forums!

Writers community- explains the most about the subtopic tbh


Creators cornor…
it’s nice…and cool…also…