POLLS & ADVICE - New story!

Hey :wave:t5:
I have recently made two threads based on my new story and I needed help and I thought,
Who else to ask than the readers themselves?:joy:
Anyway, I’m going to make a few polls so you guys can judge and help me decide what’s not only entertaining for you, but everyone else. So I’ll be asking questions like

:wilted_flower:What do you prefer in a story
:wilted_flower:Which story line you prefer
:wilted_flower:And so on
Please answer honestly and give me advice :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Which Character style should I make first? (Making both btw)

  • Limelight
  • INK

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What’s most important in a story?

  • Directing
  • Character style
  • Story line
  • Genre
  • None of the above
  • All of the above

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Biggest Pet Peeve in a story

  • A cliche story
  • Bad Grammar
  • Ugly Characters
  • Bad language
  • None of the above
  • All of the above

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Is a story better with music and sound effects or not?

  • With music & sound effects
  • No music & sound effects
  • Only music
  • Only sound effects

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Best story line
There was a good idea given to me from @lamecast88 on my thread about my story lines and this was her idea:

I have two others that you can pick from along with this one

  • Aria loves mystery and secrets. When Aria joins Greendale High school, her passion is fulfilled as the high school lurks with lies and secrets Aria is determined to find out.
  • Raven has always felt like the odd one out with her rare purple eyes, until she discovers her powers but what happens when she is adopted into a family that hunt supernaturals.
  • After her parents abandon her and her brothers and leave the with nothing, someone presents to them an offer they can’t decline
  • Jordyn has never been capable of love because she never had anyone to give or receive it from. When she joins high school all eyes are set on her, but her eyes are set on a mysterious person no one would ever expect
  • @lamecast88’s idea
  • None of the above
  • I have a better idea

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What does a story need to have?

  • Diversity
  • Important choices
  • A point system
  • All of the above
  • None of the above

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Should I add CC? If so, for what? (CC - customise characters)

  • The main characters
  • The love interests
  • Both
  • None

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That’s it for now :grin:
:wilted_flower:thank you for reading/viewing this and more thanks to those who reply


@EpisodeGirl @line123462 What is your reason on ‘None of the above’ for the poll 5, the best story line? :heart: it’s ok to be honest and share your opinion


I just think they sound like they have been kinda done already ;/

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ok, any advice or ideas I should do to change them or make them original

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Maybe a male MC?

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cool, thanks :grin:

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Of course!!! :smiley:

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its hard to judge a story out for this. any idea for a story can be good or bad depending on how you do them.you could take the most cliche and stupid idea ever and make it amazing by writing it well. same way, an original and good idea can suck if you dont do it properly

with that said. your story ideas they sound kinda like the edgy teen story. with a sad back story instead of an actual personality and/or plot,

Thanks for your honest opinion,
I agree with your point, I apologise if you do not like the stories, however I do not purposely make the story come across ‘sad’, my stories are based on a certain genre which I enjoy such as action, mystery and so on. I am a teen and I am still developing on my writing skills lol :woman_shrugging:t5:

But I do not agree that my story ideas do not have personality or a plot, these are just descriptions of what I imagine my stories to be like, I can build up from there either change the plot, make plot twists even who knows :thinking:

Therefore, this is the reason I made this thread, I am still a beginner and I would appreciate if you could tell me what I could do to change the plot or to make a story with not such a sad back story and things I can do to improve as I am still learning :sweat_smile:

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and only way you get better is keep trying. and learn. and trust me, what you write now in your teen years. in your 20 you wanna burn and borrow it.

if you want I can PM you a few links to good videos there give good advice in writing. I listen to them pretty often.

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that would be helpful thanks :blush:

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So I have made my decision based on the polls and I will share them with you x

Which Character style should I make first?
Most voted was LIMELIGHT with 83%

What’s most important in a story
68% said story line is the most important

Biggest Pet Peeve in a story
75% said bad grammar

Is a story better with music & sound effects or not?
72% said with music and sound effects therefore I will add that to my story

Best story line
Although 40% said Aria and the Greendale High school one
However, I genuinely like the supernatural one and lamecasts’s idea so,
I’m going to do all three and combine them together to make this story line

Changes the going to be made:
:wilted_flower: Jordyn is the assassin who’s eyes have been set on some one mysterious
:wilted_flower: Jordyn becomes close to the son of his mother’s killer, Micah
:wilted_flower: Aria falls for one of Jordyn’s brothers and hiding it from everyone

Aria, Raven, Jordyn both join Greendale at the same time, none of them knowing each other. All three of them join a friend group including Micah, Andre & Weston. Greendale is the school of mystery and secrets and Aria is eager to find them out. Jordyn helps Aria discover secrets but is determined to keep Aria finding hers. Meanwhile, Raven becomes distant to her friends as she finds a part of her that has been hidden her whole life. Her powers. Raven becomes cautious of her friends finding out her secret. Micah finds out his dad is the murderer of his girlfriends son he doesn’t know what to do.

The description is a bit rushed but I’m going to do one last poll which is

Should I do this or just make them separately?

  • Do the combined story idea
  • leave them separate

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All the people who voted thanks :grin:
@EpisodeGirl @diamond.heart @granolias @Baleigh_episode @_haruka @rubywrites @Elija @MSoldin0403 @Skyler2 @Gabie1 @lamecast88 @epistar @NightshadeStories @BlooperBop @Yuke @Maya_Reihnard @rickyy @weebmaster @K.F @Random.Tomboy @line123462
and more

What should I name this story?


combine story can be a good idea. a bunch of mine is that.

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i guess it is more original :woman_shrugging:t5::joy:
The readers will play all POV’s and you will get to customise the characters but only certain features like
eye shape
etc -
but they will not get to customise:
skin colour
eye colour
hair colour
and so on
thank you so much for the advice those videos helped :grin:


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