Polls for my story 😄

I need help setting up my story! Ok, so I think it’s kind of a drama, with sci-fi elements. It’s got aliens and all that cool shit, so keep that in mind with the style :wink:

Which is better for utopian stories?

  • Limelight
  • Ink

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  • Cinematic ONLY
  • Cinematic and spotlight
  • Spotlight

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  • 2 MCs throughout the story.
  • Switch MCs halfway through.

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And also

  • Full customisation
  • Limited customisation
  • No customisation

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I’ll probably ignore the results and do what I want anyway, but I’d like to see where everyone’s at. :+1:


Ok, so I can only have 1 LI for plot purposes, but which one should I go for? I’m completely torn lolz

  • Big, scary-looking, overconfident, yellow-bellied idiot who it just kind of adorable. And really stupid.
  • The small one everyone’s secretly terrified of. Not the ‘bad girl’ type, just angry, but funny, but angry.

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