(POLLS) Help decide character's names for a fantasy story

Hey there! Me and my co-author trying to decide how to name our characters and we need your help.
Our story is about vampires and witches in a fantasy setting so pick what sounds better to you. Thanks in advance :upside_down_face:

  • Rhiannon Ashbourne
  • Ember McKenna
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LI (Fem or Masc, depending on the player’s preference)
  • Azrael Blackthorn
  • Onyx Vesper
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Leader of the witches
  • Keir Grimlock
  • Aro Murdock
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  • Thessalia Emberwilde
  • Seraphina Ithaca
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Royal heir
  • Briar Emberwilde
  • Lysander Ithaca
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MC’s mom
  • Senna Ashbourne
  • Selena McKenna
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MC’s dad
  • Galen Ashbourne
  • Merrick McKenna
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LI’s mom
  • Lynexia Blackthorn
  • Rowena Vesper
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LI’s dad
  • Ingram Blackthorn
  • Barin Vesper
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LI’s older sister
  • Maelis Blackthorn
  • Briana Vesper
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Leader of the witches’ mentor
  • Eliphas Fallentide
  • Lucian Thornshield
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Leader of the witches’ dad
  • Nephelan Grimlock
  • Draven Murdock
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MC’s ancestor
  • Zella Ashbourne
  • Eldrin McKenna
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I just gotta say, you’re great at making fantasy names! These all sound super cool :eyes:


thank you :blush: me and my co-author did our best with them


One thing that I recommend is not trying too hard to make names seem ‘outlandish’ or ‘interesting’- if you do, you may end up with a bunch of names that the reader can’t pronounce, making them all blur together. It can be difficult to find the balance between “easy to read” and “unique”, but for the most part, it looks like you’re headed in the right direction with these names. I do recommend experimenting with mixing and matching the first and last names.

thanks for your advice

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