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This is in directing helps and tips because it relates to directing.

Alright so I’m debating if I should make this and share it with the people on the forums or not?

Should I make a visual cc template for INK? If you do not know what it is here is a version someone else had made.

Basically this shows up on the screen and the reader can tap on the things they want customized and in all it looks very nice on screen.

So should I make this for everyone on the forums?

  • Make a template and share it!
  • Don’t bother making the template

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Now if you said make a template and share it, what should the template first be made for?

  • INK female
  • INK male
  • LL female
  • LL male

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Working on the code now



Not gonna lie, I was surprised to to LL female first :heart_eyes::kissing_heart: Most people choose ink haha, nice. But only 12 votes so far

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I’m kinda surprised Limelight came first too :sweat_smile: oh well

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