Polls: opinion on speech bubbles & choices

Hi guys! For my story, I’m doing a little poll for your suggestions!

  1. What, according to you, is the best speech bubble style?
  • Slated
  • Blue
  • Purple
  • Pink
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  1. For choices that affect later events or replies, do you prefer them to be yellow/gold colored, dark colored, or regular colored?
  • Regular
  • Dark colored
  • Gold / Yellow
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I have no preference.

Imo it really depends on the vibe and genre of the story. I tend to like the pink bubbles for comedies and light-hearted stories and the slated bubbles for more serious ones etc.


I wanted to use purple because that’s the theme color of the reality show, but the purple isn’t purple-ing :joy:

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Baha, okay! Well, I personally think either the pink or blue bubbles would fit the “show” vibe quite well if the purple one isn’t “purple-ing.” :joy:

The purple gives off a dark blue vibe, especially the dark colored purple choice but I think I would try the pink one.

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You can close this, thanks.

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