POLLS: Story Ideas: Vampires? Yes or No?


Alrighty so I have some questions for everyone!

On a scale of one to five how much do you like vampire stories, 1 being hate 5 being love

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  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5

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If you dislike them PLEASE tell me why

Now to the next question . . . what do you think about this story idea?

Story Idea

Everyone knows how vampires are imortal and we have all seen a vampire love story. What happens when your lover dies and you can’t? Do you mourn or continue your life? Meet Jordan your average teenage girl. 23,037 years old and a collage student. One of the few vampires left in the world. She has seen all of the movies about vampire love. She has read all of the books but boy are they wrong. You cant turn someone into a vampire you are born into it so how do you find the special person for you? You don’t! Join Jordan as she switches from lover to lover with ease and drama along the way!

  • I would read this!
  • I would not read this!
  • Other opinion (reply below with your opinion)

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1 being the highest or lowest?


1 being you cant stand them 5 being you absolutly love them


I honestly love vamp stories!
The only problem is that people ALWAYS associate vamp stories with twilight -_-
When vamp stories have different plots–It can be very interesting and fun to read!


Thank you! Honestly thats the reason I wanted to do a satire one against that general clique


Anything supernatural appeals to me—Humans having nonhuman powers & anything that isn’t natural to humans—I LOVE !


I would MAYBEE read it, just cus im not that interested in fantasy stories anymore. It just has to have a catchy description


Supernatural = LOVE


I mean depends on what these vampires are like :thinking:

Honestly, as long as vampire stories have no love (or very little), then I’m OK with that.

I just want to read a Vamp story where the vamps are evil, scary, and burn in the sun but I can’t find any on Episode as they’re all about love and showing vamps as “hot” when they’re not supposed to be : /


I like the exploration of what implications immortality may bring to a character so yes, this sounds interesting. As long as the lore regarding vampires is pretty well-thought out then it would be a fun read!


I don’t know what your story is about lol


Too many vampire stories are about brooding ‘bad boys’ who do nothing but whine about their immortality and try to drink the MC’s blood. If you can break that stereotype, I’d read it.




only because i don’t like vampire stories, they’re not my cup of tea…but i think vampire lovers would enjoy this story


Oh ok I would read that.