Poor grammar and intentional baby talking


I’m a writer and I write on the app. Typically when I write stories on the portal, I write it out in text form before adapting it to an episode story. Thus my dialogue and details are “on point”.

Sometimes my grammar can be off if I’m typing quickly and I don’t usually spot them until it’s too late :confounded:


i don’t care about a few mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes, it’s normal. But I just want the dialogue to sound real you know what i mean? A lot of times it doesn’t sound something people would say in real life and it’s my biggest pet peeve and it shows how low the standards are for this app.


I feel like you and I are kindred spirits. XD

I, too, loathe it most of the time when people use messed up grammar.

However! Being a weird and awkward person with a speech impediment as well, XDXD, I can say objectively you’re right as rain. XD

I am guilty of using improper grammar or slang in text, it just depends on why. I love writing in dialects and trying to write in accents. I bring this up a lot, but in my studying on the Israeli accent and habits, I read this and THEN noticed that they don’t say “Um.” They say “Em.” XD

So if I’m writing dialogue for someone who’s supposed to have that accent, I’ll put “em” in place of “um”. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. I feel like sometimes accents can be so deep and make the entirety of English word pronunciations seem different, I won’t do that, like for Scottish accents, DANG! But, to get the point across better, I’ll research phrases they say a lot instead.

However, getting things like


etc. confused, OOF…I can look over it, though and be a little more understanding simply because of my problems with speech. You never know what’s wrong with people, you know? XD



My mom is not the brightest in English grammar, but she taught herself English when she came to the United States and English is her second language. :slight_smile:

Basically, I’m saying is that some people don’t have an “excuse” it’s just hard for them.


Ugh, grammar mistakes made on purpose really get on my nerves sometimes… But they’re not actually hurting anyone so all I can do is cringe in a corner. I don’t mind them if it’s from someone who’s doesn’t speak English fluently, though. Those mistakes are tolerable in that case and I think it’s very brave of someone to write on a forum in a language they’re not too familiar with.

Another thing, I don’t know if it’s just me: I can’t date someone who makes too many grammar and spelling mistakes… I just can’t. If you’re using “ur” instead or “you’re/your” or you’re using the wrong there/they’re/their or to/too, I can’t possibly date you, even if you’re a real prince charming. It’s such a turn-off for some reason, my heart and brain just won’t allow any kind of romance to proceed at that point.

Same goes for when they don’t use punctuation or capital letters properly. Just… no.


I agree with this. That’s because people learning a language are forced to pay a lot more attention to the way each word is spelled, pronounced, and how it fits in a sentence. When learning a language, you have to pay close attention to its rules and codes while native speakers have always used those words very naturally, so it’s easier for them to disregard those rules (: