Popular authors


I’ve never seen really popular authors here on episode forums. Have you?


I have… Noella Mei (Ashlynne Hartley), author of Tangled Love :heart:.


I’ve seen
Clover White @Clover-Ross
Genevieve Marshall @GenevieveM
J. Miley @J.Miley
Wiktoria @WiktoriaF
Wincy W. @wincyyellow
Human Bean @HumanBean

and probably more, but those are the ones on top of my head.


I know of two that are really popular and pretty active on the forums (although both don’t consider themselves popular and have said so before so I’m not tagging them)
And I’ve seen others, but the don’t post regularly. I’ve only seen them say thanks to people who recommend their stories or seen them support a feature request


I find that amusing, but thank you for saying so :joy: I really don’t think I could be considered popular.




I’m honored! But I’m not popular. lol

I’ve seen a few popular authors around. They may not post a lot, but they’re here.


@wincyyellow Ruby Tiara :crown::heart_eyes:


Thank you for thinking I’m one of the popular writers haha. (*Scratching my frizzy hair and smiling like an idiot while wearing a oversized meme t-shirt and sitting in front of my gaming PC)


Thank you for considering me popular, but I’m afraid I’m far from it.


What story did you make?


I’ve seen Joseph Evans, author of The Secret Of Rain and Glitch Girl, (two of my three favorites!:heart_eyes:) but he is not active at all…:sweat:


I guess I’m mostly known for Fake Love, True Love. Other stories I’ve written that have been mentioned around the forums occasionally are Hollywood Icon, World on a String, and Hell’s Verdict.


Not really many, no.


So, you are popular! Your story is literally on the front page, with millions of reads. Also, I love the cover of “Fake Love, True Love”


OMG I HAVE TO SAY I JUST READ Fake love, True Love.

YOU’RE SO GOOOOOOD. i hope its not finished, cause you left it at such a cliff hanger and im like woah. :((((


Thank you! No, it’s not finished. It’s almost finished and more episodes will be out later :relaxed:


Your story “Fake love, True love” is great!!!:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Thank you :hearts:


You are popular with me! :sparkling_heart: