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Thank you Jessica :joy::joy::hugs::two_hearts::two_hearts:


LOL definitely not popular dear!! XD Even if I was on the old forums a little well-known to the community, I’m certainly stale bread now and it’s a-okay :wink: I should be more active on here because I miss old forumers who started with me back in 2014 and beyond!!


I’m sorry, but girl these cliff hangers kill me, I love all your stories! :heart:


I’ve seen the amazing @alexlight on these forums! :hugs:


Lol. Thank you!


You’re popular with me too :laughing:


I would disagree with that. I’ve seen Gen, the author of Dripping Mascara and Jade, the author of Pain into Blessings along with a few others.


The Ruby Tiara was one of my first stories on Episode, it is amazing! :heart:


Thank you :cry::heart::heart::heart:


I feel like I’ve said this before but your honestly one of my favs! Not to mention a huge inspiration!!!


Thank you :grinning: I’m glad to be more than just an entertainer lol.

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I agree. I absolutely love your story :blush:


Also, I noticed you say you play a lot of games. What games do you play? (Fellow gamer here)


Thank you!

I used to play a lot of games before I started writing on Episode :blush:

I was a hardcore PvPer on Word of Warcraft with 7 holy priests.

I also have a bunch of PS4 games. This is my Origin on PC.

How about you?!


Ahhhhh you play the sims 4!!! Sameeee okay I need to calm or get sleep.


@BarS she’s too and she’s really nice


I dont think I have ever seen any big writers on here for fb groups even on Instagram they interact very little with anyone
I always talk to fans and answer fan mail and now I gave a banned story the fans gave been very supportive after all with out them who is popular no one as if they dont read them they are just the same as everyone else




Sorry for the late reply I was sleeping ○w○
But, I also own a ps4. My favorites at the moment have to be Skyrim, Fallout4, Uncharted 4, and the tomb raider series. I also play the Sims 4!!! I also recommend Horizon: Zero Dawn. It’s an exclusive on Ps4, and I’m still pretty shook on how it didn’t get game of the year.


I have them all other than Uncharted! Currently playing with Aloy too :smiley: I even got the full version with all bonus content. Anyway, we should end our game talk here because it’s going off topic ahaha. :heart: