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Got the full version too, but it was a mistake playing on ultra hard :expressionless: Trying to kill a thunderjaw is near impossible. And you’re right, off topic…But it was really nice talking to you! :hearts:


I didn’t know she was on the forums! I love her stories! Her story was the first user story I ever read!


Yes I have.


You are!! I love Fake Love, True Love! Im so sad it ended tho <3


Thank you! I’m glad you liked it! I wish I could say I was sad it ended, but I’m happy to be freed up to write other stories :laughing:


Yw! <3 Can’t wait to check them out <3


That’s literally the ONLY good featured story. I used the most gems in it too, and never regretted it. :sunglasses: I wanna replay it again. The wokeness was awesome.


Hello can someone tell me when the author of changing the bad boy will continue the story? I 've read all of it and really loved it


no i haven’t really seen any sadly :disappointed:


I would say @LeeFunkEpisode is pretty popular or atlleast upcoming :wink:




I’m a avid gamer and gaming really inspires me to write super complex stories.

I’ve played all the dragon age games (origins is by far my fav and in 2, fenris is my husband), some final fantasy, fable, fallout, Skyrim, SIMS YESS, persona, near automata, And etc. the list goes on.

I watch a lot of anime, this is also a big influence.

My Brains just jam-packed with ideas from games, animations, and shows.
It’s crazy how different things can inspire you.


Man, I wish I knew some good animes to watch. Or where to watch them.

But there is a few popular authors who dont post much.


Yes! The way I branch my stories was heavily influenced by Bioware’s storytelling!


Attack on titan. DEATH NOTE. Tokyo Ghoul. One Punch Man. Death Parade.


Going to check those out.

And bookmark this post thank you!


Where do you find these?


Find what?


Yes! I also the like the relationship system, how your decisions determine how your relationships is with other characters.
I’m trying to do that with my story but that’s even more branching. :joy:


The shows…

Oof sorry I forgot to add that detail.

Like on Netflix or…a certain channel?