Popular gang/mafia community stories


What are some good mafia stories to read? I’ve read all of Lady Dianna’s stories (All of the Deep Attraction stories are amazing btw), but I can’t really find anything like that. I like the dangerous life thing, as well as the strong female role.


I have two really good stories to recommend, but it’s not mafia. They’re both by EvilEboney or you can search Adrenaline. Highly recommend!


Yeah, I’m also looking for stories that are cheesy and boring. They can’t just rush into love right away.


‘The chain reaction’ and ‘It’s just an illusion’ series by miss mj are amazing and I’m sure you’d love them if you’re looking for a mafia/romance stories. :kissing_heart:


I do love them because I already read them kms :laughing::gun:


So you said strong female role, “Not Interested”?

And Adrenaline is about a gang, but not really. So…but I do recommend it! :heart:


I am actually writing a Mafia story right now!! Would you like me to tell you when I have published??


Complicated is a good one for that.


I’m writing a little something of my own. Not mafia, but motorcycle gang and it has strong female characters. It’s called LOBITA. Check it out if you want.


Try Stockholm Syndrom : the broken one.
It’s a complicated Mafia story, if you liked deep attraction, I think you will like this one too.



Daughter of the Mafia. (Classic or Ink)
Santana (Classic)
Destined (Ink)
The Assassin: Femme Fetale (Ink)
Venomous (Ink)
Mafia Wife (Ink)


YES! Thank you


I’ve written one ‘the man inside the gang leader’ but it only has 3 episodes and I’m not really THAT good


So this one has a gang in it that takes a normal girl hostage whom later becomes pregnant by the gang’s leader. I’m not spoiling it because it’s literally called “Pregnant by a Killer.” It’s by a lovely lady named @Amy.T (in the app it’s spelled as Amy T). But it is AMAZING- I LOVE it!


I need help I’m trying to remember this story about an arranged marriage that has to do with the Italian magic and the Irish mafia and I don’t think it’s called till death because when ever I looke it up the story never appears


adrenaline is the best story on episode!!


I’m writting one nice Mafia story. I’ll publish it after 15 September my first 6 episodes.
If you want, I can notice you after it’s published.

(Sorry for my English.)


Hunting Bad,
Loving Latino,
My Mafia Roommate,
and Plan B
I can’t find my phone sodas all I can think of lel <3


I’m in love with the story The Reaper twins. And the author is making a second story The Reaper twins: Chaos Unleashed.
There both awesome. I’d highly recommend trying them out.


This is the one I was looking for too