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Aa i knw dat story

Guys hi! I’m new to the forum I’ve literally just joined, but i need your help! So recently I remembered that I started some story but unfortunately i didn’t add it to my favorites and now i can’t find it :sob:. So basically the MC is rich and owns some big clothing brand, and in the first episode she was visiting her company where all of her employees were basically scared of her and so on. The MC also has a bff who’s married to some mafia boss and they are all like friends, and in that same episode they were inviting the MC to have dinner with them but also with her ex’s parents. Her ex is in the military (she’s talking how he left her or something like that they were both broken…) Later on she founds out that the ex sent her bff’s husband a letter (they’re also friends and the ex that is in the military is selling and providing weapons for the mafia boss (MC’s bestie’s husband)) She also finds out that he will be staying for like 5 more years (or something idk) in the military. That’s basically just the first episode, but i’ve been looking for it for ages even tho i recently found it. So please i would appreciate all the help i could get, thanks in advance! (P.S. sorry if there were some mistakes, english is not my first language.)

that may be the “Mafia’s lost angel” by Ella & Heather

Thank you so much!!!

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Hey guys I need help!! The new story that azzy.dua is making has it come out yet?? I’ve been trying to find it cause we went on private but I can’t find it or the other new story that was supposed to come out :frowning:

Hey guys i desperately need help! im trying to find this story i read a few months ago but it somehow unfavourited? or it just disappeared anyways its about this girl who is attending university or college with her two best friends and her mother is a florist who does flowers for big events they live with there grandma too and this one lady comes whose marrying a dangerous guy but his son goes to the same college/university as the florists daughter and the son and the daughter first met when she was helping her mom at the guys wedding it was limelight btw! and im sorry if its really confusing what im saying but theres another guy whose in love with the florists daughter but hes also bad news because hes obsessed with her and his uncle ends up dating her mom, theres this big event that happens where the guy whose getting married his SON is really overprotective of thr girl and she gets hurt somehow by the phsyco other boy whose obsessed with her but the SON is really powerful and hes basically the main love interest in the story - background info on the son his mother left him, his dads dangerous and sleeps around even though he has a preganant fiance who regrets wanting to marry him + i think he has this girl whose obsessed with him maybe his ex?
background info on the phsyco guy - hes prissy and hes in a rivalry with the other guy his uncle is really sweet and ends up dating the florist the MOTHER of the main girl character who has these two boys after her.

background info of the girl - her mothers a florist obviously u can tell at the start of the story + they both live with her grandma who was deeply in love with her grandpa but the grandma has an illness i cant quite remember - the grandpa died , the fathers not in the picture but i think later on the main love interest finds him and takes his daughter to him only to find out hes an alcoholic/drug guy who lives in a bad area, the mother falls in love with the phsyco guys uncle i think they may end up getting married, the girl has two bestfriends and they go to university/college quite far from home but she goes home to help her mother in the floral shop. the main love interest/ bad boy and her first meet as his new stepmother is one of the mothers clients

sorry if this is so confusing guys hope you can help one of the best stories ive read and didnt get to finish!