Popular gang/mafia community stories

like other have said
Chain Reaction
It’s Just an Illusion
Loving Latino
Hunting Bad
Reaper Twins
then there’s Dangerous Woman

I’m currently writing one Truth, Lies and Betrayal not published yet I can let you know when it is if you want.


I found it

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I have read some really good stories like
Reaper twins
Chasing the bad girl- not really a mafia but I highly recommen
Royal mafia her vengeance ~ This story is also amazing
Unexpected action missing girl
And one of my favourites~ Too bad for you

What is the name?

Have you found it already?

These stories have been repeated many times but I absolutely love them
Chain Reaction (All three of them)
It’s just an Illusion (All three of them)

I’m not sure if this story is what you are looking for but Fine Line is another story I love.

Mafia Rebels by Charlotte Kate. ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS!

I love Lady Dianna’s stories as well :wink:

Maybe you wanna give my story a try?

Tittle: Taken: Dead or Alive (INK)
Author: xoRoséxo
Genre: Drama / Mafia / Girl Power
Chapters: 9
Description: Rose Beaumont is ready to takeover the Mafia world. However, life doesn’t goes her way. Her twin, Sophia, was taken, where at the same time, an assassin targets to kill her. Will the Beaumont twins manage to fight on or will love gets in the way?


Link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/5725258112892928

Rose&Sophia.jpg1242x1541 1.1 MB

credit to: ellendrawings_(IG)
Open to anyone!
DO let me know what you think!

Are the names of the characters Alex and Valentina by any chance? If it is it’s called until death do us part and the authors Angie. Hope this helps x

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hi can you help me? i have read a story and i forgot the title of the story. so the story is quite similar with mafia/gang. but i only remember some part of it, so these are the part i remember:
there is a boy who is involved in a gang, because the gang is owned by his father. then one day there is a girl, his father told him to guard her 24/7. and the last thing i remember is the ending of the story is like this > so the boy and the girl is trapped inside a building, and somehow the building is destroyed the boy covered the girl, because the boy covered the girl he lost his memory and when he is in the hospital the girl tried to communicated with him but the boy didnt remember anything so the girl said “it’s ok, its time for me to make u fall in love with me” and the girl said to the boy’s father that, he shouldnt remind the boy that he was involved in a gang. (the girl didn’t want the father to remind the boy because the girl once found out the boy praying for forgiveness, because he killed many people)

@Jayden09 Hi, I am so so sorry but I don’t think I have read that stors therefore I am unable to help you I hope you manage to finde the title.

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hi can somebody try help me please I read a story and cannot remember the title but would like to re read it as I really enjoyed it. It was about a girl who worked at a police station and they took in a gang member I remember the gang being bikers and they took her on the bike and went to thier club. It was a long story but I would love to read it again.

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Hi guys. I was reading this story and I’ve forgotten what it’s called. I think the first episode started of with a little girl at a party ball thing. The little girl found the boy on the balcony and he was messing around. Then they heard shooting so he hide her in a room. She always thought he got killed until they found each over years later and fell in love. Please tell me someone knows this story x

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Hello. I’m new to this, so I’m sorry if this is the wrong way to post this. But a few months back I played a story that I loved, but for the life of me I can’t remember the title to get it back. It’s a about a doctor who had a sister that is involved criminal activity. And the boss of that sister is a Maria/gang leader & has taken a liking to the main girl (the doctor). One part I remember well is that at a party the main girl gets shot. The name of the story is the name of the main girl, that I can’t remember. Thanks so much to anyone who helps.

It’s called Wicked Sins I believe.

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I think it’s called Bad Girl Boss

  • Chain reaction + sequels
  • Deep attraction + sequels
  • It’s just an illusion + sequels
  • Reaper twins + sequels

THANK YOU!! OH MY GOD I read the same exact story about over a year ago and I have been looking for it ever since. Nothing I searched included important key words and stuff worked. I just found this forum looking for it again. That’s so crazy cause the main topic wasn’t even on this story. That’s such a lucky coincidence thank you!

Hi episodelover I’m just reading this story myself, it’s deep attraction book 2 its about Chloe and Zanes family mainly Kiara. Hope this helps!

Did you found the name of the story ?I was reading a story like that but I lost my old account if you found the name please tell me…

#My English is little bit Bad…