Popular gang/mafia community stories

Hey. Did you ever figure out the name of this story? I’ve been searching for months for it ever since I got a new phone.

Dysphoria by Blessings is also an amazing one its completed :smile_cat: and its kinda similar to chain reaction

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I’m looking for a story. There is a gang Leader and a gang member and the girl falls in Love with the gang Member, but they both fall in love with her. She becomes pregnant by the gang member. I don’t remember it very well, but something happens and I think they then try to tell her, that she dreamed everything, and that there never was a baby.
And I can also remember that the baby was girl and when the girl grows up, she falls in love with the gang leader. I can also remember that you could customize the characters and sometimes If you chose the wrong answer you had to play the chapter again.
Please help me!
(Sorry my English isn’t that well, I’m not a native speaker)

A couple stories that i love are:
Beat Again - by Dylan Page
The Devil in disguise - not finnished yet - by Sapphire
Escaping My End - not finnished - by alee_epiisode


Thank you love… :heart_eyes: :pleading_face:

@Ccnew Yes I did. The book was GIOVANNI by Tyjae.Writes . Sadly her book was removed but, now she has a really similar book with the same mc’s and a few different characters. The new story is called Toxic Temptation.

It’s hunting bad your looking for

Hi! I’m wondering if anyone is able to help me remember the name of a story. Here’s some points I can remember:

  • A girl is apart of a gang and falls in love with the rival gang leaders son
  • They go to the same school(I think) and go on a trip with the school
  • something happens and the boy loses his memory and his father turns him against the girl
  • There’s a gang war at the docks but the boy gets his memory back

I know its not the best description but its all I can remember :slight_smile:

Here are few stories I like:

  • Even Angels have demons (finished) Holli Berri
  • The Empire (not finished) Chantelle
  • Taming the Mafia Man (not finished) Sk_writes
  • Craving Star (completed) Hope Moon
  • Fighting for Love (not finished) gegorgia<3
  • Breaking Barriers (not finished) Isabella Eliz
  • Bring the Thunder (comleted) Crush Writes
  • Havana Night (not finished) BEA
  • Love Underground (Mafia) (not finished) Maridy Q.
  • Only You (not finished) Eli
  • American God (not finished) Deve
  • Dangerously Bad (not finished) Balbino
  • Criminal Desires (completed)
  • Are all Monsters Evil (completed) L.D

if u find that can you please let me know ? ive been looking for that i lost it .

Chain Reaction and Mafia in Manhattan

Okay everyone, I have had episode for like 3 years now and I read a story a while ago I can’t remember when but I know almost every detail about it but the actual name of the story and it’s driving me crazy.
So it’s about a young girl who’s in high school and she has very caring and strict parents she’s adopted I believe and she decides instead of being innocent she will go to a club for one night. She meets a bad boy who is involved in a gang or mafia he’s the leader and she sleeps with him and has a one night stand at the club. But then gets pregnant by the random bad boy and then he kidnaps her for some reason. She stays with him in the gang house and then falls for him and his younger brother. She gets upset cause her whole life has changed and she’s stuck between this mean abusive bad gang leader who got her pregnant and his younger brother who is so sweet and wants to take her away from the gang and help her instead of being trapped there and being forced to have the child and be apart of a gang. She try’s to get her life back and figure stuff out but she can’t she ends up living with them joining the gang and stuck in a love triangle with 2 brothers one good and one bad. So please please help me cause I have tried everything and looked it up everywhere and I have no idea if u have any ideas or suggestions please come to my rescue Thankyou heaps x

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I know this story, I, unfortunately, can’t find it, my guess is she probably removed it, I can’t remember the name of the story, but do remember the author, I can’t find her or her stories on the app…

You can find her on insta vbemanuele

I think that’s called pregnant by a killer, I think… I’m not sure if it’s still on the app though…

Hello!!! This is my first time using this and I couldn’t find where I could write this, so I may have accidentally pressed reply to someone post, sorry about that!!!
I’ve been looking for this story where the main characters boyfriend( or recently ex) owes money to the mafia. At a party he manages to run away from them, but they take her as leverage. She is studying something in medicine. Since he doesn’t pay back, he (mafia bosses son/ her main love interest I believe ) makes a deal with her to work with them helping their injured and that he would eventually let her go after some time. That’s honestly all I remember. Please help me if you can!!!


That sounds like colliding with destiny

Hi there’s an mafia episode story that I haven’t finished but forgot the name…

In this story her brother moves his sister and her daughter to a safehouse and there you see his partner who is also the mafia leader.

So i can’t explain much but it’s like this girl who’s all nice and a nerd and she gets bullied by a mean girl at her school, then one day she gets home and finds out that her dad died, and after that she has a mental breakdown and starts boxing and learning how to fight, also she doesn’t go back to school for a while, so when she’s back to school she’s confident and a complete baddie, and then the popular boy ends up falling in love with her and having a whole family HELPP

it’s until death do us part ur right

Can anyone help me to find a story where a girl starts working for her rivals. I think it’s called Elliot enterprises. On the day of the interview she sees someone being beaten up in the staff car park and then realises it was her new boss. His name was mr Elliot.