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Theres a story I cant find. The author is sappire. She has 2 stories. 1 is about a wolf but the one im looking for is mafia. It has 53 episodes last time i saw. She calls her readers her devils. The girls hidden identity is amate and i dont know why but i forgot her name. And her father is named lucifer. Hope this helps. If anyone knows the name of the story please tell me. jve read like 50 episodes but its not in my profile anymore and I cant find her story

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Same!! Where did it go?? Im looking for it!!

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Devil in disguise!!! Remembered the name!!

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Omg yes! That was it! I just tried searching it up on episode and I can’t find it at all

I think it’s called “Hold you down” I maybe wrong. If so, sorry


Hi! I’ve loved that story too but, I can’t remember the name for it🙁 I wish I can. Have you found any luck for it at all?
Btw I’m Olivia:)

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Hi there
I think you might like my story :blush:

This is my story details

Title : Long time

Gerne: Romance / Mystery

Episodes: 9 (ongoing)

Author: Lea

Instagram: lea.episode.1

Description: Hanna grew up in one of the most Dangerous Italian Mafia families.

Since her mum died from unknown circumstances she feels like a piece of herself is missing.

What happens when you feel like you don’t fit in this world anymore… and you want to know the truth?

When you cross his path will he help you?

Link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/5057764931076096 1


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