=POR Story Release Thread=

Ummmm Hey :relaxed:

My story just released at 3pm eastern time.

And a few people asked to be tagged when I dropped so I decided to make a thread.


This is my newest story (ignore the rest of em :woozy_face:)

Ive never been so excited in my life after I got inspired to write this story I never let anything break my stride to make i the best story I ever published. So far nothing has happened I need everyone to take into account this story isnt supposed to be full of drama and plot twists. This is the cool layed back story you read after a story you just got done reading threw another curve ball at you.
Just sit back relax and watch my baby Beatrice learn herself and her way through life and love.

People who asked to be tagged and some extras

@SiennaWrites @xio @skyee.episode @blackmeow20 @the.fallen.archangel


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