Porcelain, Germaphobe, and Dawn of Man

Hey there! I just thought I would share with all of you detailed descriptions of each of my published stories. If you’ve read them then that’s fantastic! Thank you so much!

Porcelain (COMPLETE)
On your way home, you are kidnapped by a man who is obsessed with dolls. He traps you in his factory where you are expected to follow as he says, but you are not in there alone. You must find a way to escape his clutches before you become his next victim.

Germaphobe (COMPLETE)
You play as Sam Jeung, an 18 year old boy who has been afraid of germs his whole life. Not only have you accepted this, you embrace it. That is until you meet Dalia, a sweet girl who’s willing to extend her heart to you. You’ll learn to face your fears from the support of friends and family in this lighthearted romantic comedy.

Dawn of Man (Ongoing)
You’ve been sheltered underground your entire life in a post-apocalyptic future. When your friends go missing, you are forced to face the dangers of the outside world. What you’re unaware of is that the mysteries of the new world have been at your fingertips the whole time. Navigate through the future as you discover what lies ahead for the fate of humanity.
[There is a new chapter of Dawn of Man that’s pending background approvals.]

Feel free to use this thread to ask me questions about my story. Please don’t use this thread to promote your own stories or ask for R4R (I don’t do them bc I don’t really have a lot of free time for it.) Thank you :smiley:


Germaphobe and Dawn of Man are both amazing! Keep up the good work! :grin:

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i read porcelain. that one was really good

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Thank you so much!! I don’t have as many reads on those as my first story so I really appreciate it.

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Thank you very much!

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