Portal and app preview aren't the same

So I’m previewing my story on the app and I notice that older episodes of my story (as well as the one I’m working on currently) aren’t as they should be. A character might be standing in the wrong position or they are not doing the animation they should. But when checking on the writers portal it’s like it’s supposed to be. I haven’t changed the script of my old episodes so I don’t understand why it’s acting so weird!
Please does anyone know what’s going on!?


That’s a glitch. It happens to me a lot too when I check my chapters. Don’t worry, readers won’t see the glitch :kissing_heart: but I know it’s annoying :sweat_smile:

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Oh what a relif :sweat_smile: :relieved:

You should make sure that it looks good in the app, because that’s how the readers will see it. If your directing is fine in the portal but not in the app, it’s a problem, because the readers will be reading in the app too.

The thing is that the app does things not in the script so I don’t know how I could change that

Well yeah, it’s possible, but complicated. Just try to change things like:

-change ‘@’ to ‘&’ (or sometimes vice-versa)
exemple: ‘@name walks to spot center in zone 1’ becomes ‘&name walks to spot center in zone 1’
exemple: ‘@overlayname create, @overlay opacity 1’ becomes ‘&overlayname create, &overlay opacity 1’

These actually often fixes problems for the mobile app, but there are many more possible issues, so you will have to ‘trial & error’