Portal crashes on phone or iPad! PLEASE HELP! (temporary solution)

Then I guess it’s a common portal mistake :woman_facepalming:t3:

I have never had any problems with my laptop as it’s quite powerful as my cousin said :sweat_smile:
That’s why when it’s on I use it to code edits then ss everything on tab and make edits in better quality.

refreshing website doesn’t do anything. Maybe after 3000 times but I don’t have that muc patience. I turn off my devices every night, so reseting is not at fault. I had an idea it’s because the portal is too large in capacity for them as, for example, when I preview something it previews in slo-mo. :thinking:
But before, everything was ok, so it’s probably their fault.

I have 5G tower a kilo from my house, and everything else works ok, even after changing different Wi-fi’s.

They answered: try searching in Forums and Google and looking at Q and A


This is usually a part of their automated message - when you submit a ticket, you get a confirmation email of sorts then a person from the support team contacts you within 1-2 days (unless it’s a weekend or holiday, then it’s usually the following monday or work day) so keep an eye on your inbox to make sure you don’t miss the 2nd email.

Have you tried using Mozilla Firefox browser? Or coding on your computer and previewing the story through the Episode app on your tablet? That way you can still take your screenshots for edits. :woman_shrugging:

I can now login, but it’s not previewing whenever I click on preview.

Thank you @KikiMoon and @ColeCatalyst mine’s already working


At least someone figured out the fault :hugs:


It’s been 4 days and the ticket closes after it, so I don’t think I won’t be getting anything else.

I don’t have Mozilla in iPad or phone and I can’t install it.

I do it all the time, but I can do it only at home, because my computer stays at home. If I want to edit outside my home, I need iPad to work. :expressionless:

Sorry dear. It sounds like something they would have to fix on their end.

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Just to clarify, is it working fine on your laptop? Or is it glitching there too?

It wasn’t working for me on my laptop. Ik a few others where having issues too

Don’t worry! And thank you so much for trying your best to help me. :yellow_heart: :yellow_heart:

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Nope, everything is fine with laptop. I have a gaming laptop, so it’s practically perfect for programming. :hugs:

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Oh okay. Cause it’s working fine for me on my laptop.

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The problem still occurs
@Tory @Sydney_H @Sofia6 @EpisodePortalTeam @kellie @Maxx @melani3

@KikiMoon Hi! You will need to submit a help ticket to support and ask for their assistance :grinning:

happened to me too glad to know im not the only one. i was on it and stopped for a break then went back onto it and stopped working. people kept saying its my internet but its like its not. if its my internet everyone in the house would have there stuff stopped and i wouldn’t have been able to open up any other browsers. Youtube, google etc was working but the portal has stopped its been on and off the past hr for me

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Hi, Sydney. Thank you so much for answering.
I tried a couple of times already, but this is the answer I received.

Answer from episode

I haven’t been able to code on my iPad since forever. I have all the lates IOS updates and everything is fine, but it keeps crashing. :frowning_face:

Wow I never knew that someone can use iPad to code though

If you have a wireless keyboard and mouse it’s the same as on computer. :wink: