Portal crashes on phone or iPad! PLEASE HELP! (temporary solution)

Ohh :open_mouth: i understand now
I hope the problem gets fixed :heart:

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Mee too :pleading_face:

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It’s now November and they still haven’t fixed the problem :slightly_frowning_face::rage:

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Usually they are really slow with these things as it’s not really easy to find the problem.
There are some errors from 2018 who still aren’t fixed, so my hopes is kinda low.

I find I can’t write on a device. If I open writers portal it keeps reloading until it says this site can’t be reached.
It used to do it before. It would reload 3 times then say it can’t be reached. Then you’d try it again and it’d work. It was annoying but after you went through that it would work. Now it just reloads and then gives up no matter how many times you do it. I can’t get in at all with my phone. It’s frustrating as sometimes I want to do a minor edit but I can’t until I get home. It’s frustrating because there’s no stop button on the google app so you can stop it from reloading.

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Exactly the same thing, but it has been like that for a loong time. Every time I tried to code on tablet, it just crashes. :confused:

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It’s what frustrates me about episode the most. You can’t read stories without a phone/tablet and you can’t write stories without a computer

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I have the same problem now , it’s been like this for week , idk what to do . Episode support told me to check if it’s crashing on laptop

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the same thing is happening with me for months now and i’ve stopped editing due to this issue😩i submitted the ticket but no response on fixing it🤷🏻‍♀️they need to fix this ASAP☹️

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Ohh :pleading_face: I have to use 3 devices for edits :joy:
I think this will take a lot time (Maybe even years as there are a lot unsolved things from 2019 and further.)

For me, computer is the only place everything works fast and without crashes.

If you read this and other responses you would see it’s not a device fault.

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Have you submitted a support ticket?

Yeah, this was the answer:

Are there any software updates for your devices? Or for the browser you are using?
Have you cleared the cache and cookies from Episode and try logging in again?
Does your device give you any sort of error code? Tried different browser?

Both devices have the newest iOS.

Just checked: both Google app and safari have the newest updates.

How can you do this? Log out and then log in?

Nope, No errors. Everything else, every other website works perfectly.

Only safari, then google in safari and then google app.

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Go into your browser settings, if it has a search bar type “cookies” and it should bring up an option to see site cookies, find episode and delete the cookies.

For Chrome it’s Settings > Privacy and Security > Third Party Cookies> (scroll down to) See All Site Data and Permissions> search episodeinteractive.com or just scroll and find it > click the arrow and find episode interactive inside the drop down > click the trash can to the right of it.

This will log you out and clear the cookies stored by Episode. Then just log in again and see if it loads.

Try Microsoft Edge or Mozilla Firefox – these are the two I swap to when Chrome starts acting up :slight_smile:

Okay, will try this thing. Thank you, Cole! :yellow_heart:

And I don’t know if you can get them as an app, but if cookies doesn’t work, will search them up.

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Okay. Hope it works for you. :slight_smile:

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To clear the cache on Android go to Settings > Apps > select Chrome from the list > Storage > tap the Clear Cache button.

To clear the cache on iPhone I guess would be similar?

Nope, there’s no option like that in settings. But I’ll probably try what Cole suggested by downloading a new app when I have time.

Thank you for trying to help!

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That’s ok for you to say. Not everyone has the money for that

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