Portal draining computer battery

I can’t tell if this is the right section so @Sydney_H you are more welcome to move it if its not.

Has anyone else been having issues with the portal training your battery life on your computer.
I would have my computer fully charged and if I’m on the portal say for an hr, It drains my battery life down to 20%. Like this morning, I had my battery fully charged. took it off the charger and stated writing on the portal for less than hr. After around 35 mins my battery went down to 20% :woman_shrugging:

I have one of the new mac book pros I think 2019 or 2020 can’t remeber which year.

However if I use anything else, my battery stays full pretty much all day.

does anyone get this issue?


Yeah, I did notice that the portal drains battery very fast…

It’s weird. I’ve asked a few of my friends and they say they don’t have issues with it.

Oh, I thought that it happens to all…:neutral_face:

I thought so too.

Recently, my computer system just notify me that I need to change my battery… Not sure if it has any relation to the fast draining of battery when I used the portal…

I just recently got a new battery because I thought that was the reason that I just needed a new one. its less than a year old but still gives me the issue. I guess the portal uses a lot of energy

Hmm, must be