Portal Error/ Spot directing error - HELP

Hi guys!

I can’t tell whether this is just the portal glitching out on me, but it’s really irritating me :joy:
Could someone tell me if there’s a mistake or how to fix this error?

This is the code:

Eden is coded at 0.681 151 273 in the script - but everytime I preview she moves to a different spot regardless of what I have put in the script.

Instead, she keeps moving to 0.635 151 273.

Anyone know why this is?
I was having issues spot directing Neela also, and I don’t know why.
Is this a glitch or am I missing something?

You spotted her at 0.635 151 273 after you made her walk.

Edit: oh those weren’t the numbers

But why are you spotting them after they walk to a spot?

Basically, she walks out of zone 1 which is zoomed in, and before it pans I spot direct her to where I want her to be when Neela walks over to her. I have to spot direct her after she walks out of screen.

You can’t see it but they’re in zone 1 before they each start to move.

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Hold on, I’m not getting it.

So…they are in zone 1 first and then they walk to zone 2?

Yes. Hold on, I’ll take more screenshots.

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Why are you spotting after when you can make her walk to that spot straight away?

Also, have you refreshed? Because I tested those 2 lines and it works.

The script is a brat and it doesn’t like it when you spot a character immediately after walking to a spot. So for some reason it overrides the 2nd spot and keeps them at the spot they walked to. All you have to do is just add “then remove CHAR” on the same line as the walking command.


Thanks :slight_smile: I swear I’ve done this multiple times and it’s always worked for me :thinking:

Thanks anyway :two_hearts:


Because I’m moving her to a spot where she is sitting - I have to move her to make proportions look right. I did refresh, must be a weird scripting glitch.

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Glad it’s okay now anyways! :heartpulse:

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Thank you for trying to help :smiling_face:

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