Portal freezing while writing

For the last couple of days, while writing, all of the sudden my whole screen goes black, and then comes back again after a couple seconds, but usually the part i’ve written after the last time i saved is gone, and i have to write it all over again. And it’s impossible to review the story after that glitch happens. I’ll have to refresh the page every time this happens… The review and writing also glitches and freezes a lot, and it makes it really hard to spot direct and zoom correctly etc… Does anyone else have this problem?? It’s SO INCREDIBLY annoying!!! it’s literally crashing my laptop sometimes!!!

What I do is save first after I write something and then preview. Also have you thought of contacting Episode and sending a ticket about this?

I save very often, but i never know when the glitch is happening. I could be writing 3 lines, and then plan to save, but then it all just goes black, and then it’s gone… It’s very annoying having to save after every sentence/zoom/spot directing i make… I’ve sent tickets to episode before, and they just answer an overall general response to everyone sending in a problem… So it feels like they don’t even really read it when everyone gets the same response…

Have you tried reaching out to a staff from here ? Maybe they can help you. our friendly staff @Jeremy (Forum Administrator) @Sydney_H(Forum Moderator) are here to help you with your forum related questions and feedback!

I just sent them a ticket, but i’m just waiting for the general ‘respond to all’ response…

@episode.elena7 just for future reference, Jeremy is no longer admin. Please tag Nick instead. :smiley:

Can anyone help with this though? I’ve read people having similar problems, especially with the freezing and glitching while writing and previewing. Or do we just have to wait and hope that episode fixes it? It’s getting really uncomfortable to write, because i’m scared it’s gonna crash my laptop…

I was writing today and my commands were just like i had to click every time it wasnt going smooth but suddenly it just fixed🤷🏽‍♀️

Sorry, I can’t help much with those questions since I’m not a member of the support team and I don’t work on the portal. However, letting them know about the issue via ticket is useful. :smiley:

I sent them a ticket yesterday, but they always respond the same thing to everyone which makes it very difficult… It’s not just me that’s experiencing these problems, but no one gets a proper ‘we’ll fix it’ or ‘we’ll look into it right away’ response… So it just leaves us in the dark

I haven’t tried writing today yet, but i’m pretty scared to to it in case the whole thing just crashes…

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dont worry i’ll be okay

Thank you . I will tag nick next time.

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