Portal Glitch? Uploaded overlay

Hey guys, is this happening to any of y’all?

I uploaded a few overlays, but when I put them in my script it says they do not exist?
I’ve tried: reloading page, closing and re-opening my browser, clicking the overlay in the tab for overlays, copy/pasted from the Art Catalog page to ensure it was typed exactly as I entered it in the catalog.

Any ideas?

Edit: So I got them to show up in the portal by @overlay NAME create (and blah blah). Tried to preview it in my app and it’s completely black. Tf is going on??

most of the time there’s an error in your script rather than the actual error that the overlay/ background doesn’t exist. sometimes it’s misspelled. check for any additional errors that might not be visible in the error panel

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Someone else reported having a similar issue in another post, so there’s a chance it’s not just you.


Thanks for responding. I double checked the scene for any spelling and any missing or accidentally pressed symbol keys. There were no other errors. (and it’s the only scene in the episode that I’ve coded into the portal.) Just the overlays- which even I think is weird (which is why I obsessively went over my scene. lol).
The only way the “overlay NAME doesn’t exist. Did you misspell…” error would go away and they’d appear in the previewer is with:
@overlay NAME create
instead of

Maybe a delay in the portal recognizing recently uploaded overlays? Idk.

That’s what happened to me, except that they show in the catalog but when I tped the background name “with NAME” to put the overlays into the scene, it threw an error saying it didn’t exist.–even though in the little drop down for overlays–the overlay name is right there. :woman_facepalming:

However it happened, the @overlay NAME create made them show up, so at least they’re there on the screen now. :joy: