PORTAL : Increase Line Limit to 20,000 (IMPLEMENTED 5/1/18)

Episode has a line limit? What I thought you could just write forever and ever!

No, this it not the case. Depending on how intense your coding is, the limit changes ranging from 10,000 to 13,000.

okay, but who actually writes to 13,000 lines

I do, and I highly doubt I am alone. Even if you don’t hit the line limit. doesn’t mean you won’t eventually. Episode is constantly coming out with new ways how to direct. A single CC takes up about 2,500 lines.

plus those of us who do, why should we be restricted by a line limit


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I don’t get to 13.000 without any customization, it sounds like it would take 5 hours to read.

because once I made a 2700 lines and it was like 30 minutes reading. (Story that I never published, but you get the point)

But if you want to add 10 full customization templates in one episode, it will obviously break the limit.


And I liked the gif lol pitch perfect.

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I think it’s better to just place the customization in different episodes. Many readers get bored of customizing them all at once.
I feel the line limit is there for a very good reason. Having 13k lines would probably cause a lot of lag and crashing (not only for readers, but the authors as well) on its own, but 20k could be even worse. I recommend to just separate your coding into different episodes. But if you’re not using coding and your chapter still reaches the line limit…
How?! I rarely reach 2k with coding! :joy:


Well this is VERY alter reply, but I get where you’re coming from (That’s how I found this lol) Mine has now 5k lines and it contains cough pretty tense overlay coding and stuff… :sweat_smile: And now it’s super laggy already and I can’t include some important scenes, but I’m too selfish to throw my “not-so-important” scenes away cuz I spent so much time on them… I would hope they will improve it a bit, tho it’s a big job for them to organize it too

I had no idea there was a limit, in total, mine came to about 4,000 lines, but I do think 13,000 is more than enough, my fear is that there will be spam stories out there making the most of the stretched limit by creating a very long, and irrelevant story with just too much content. I feel like the best stories do have shorter episodes and don’t waffle on too much.

This needs to happen omg

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I don’t think I have ever reached the line limit, and I agree with the opposing team. Too many customization is boring for the reader. I think the line limit should stay as it is

I hit the line limit every other episode or so. I don’t include customization. I have to delete scenes to save / publish

I hit the line limit because I do coding with lots of characters, points , gains every choice matters in my story to a point where I am writing greater than 12 different plot lines.

ha doubters, guess what just got implemented

@Jeremy you may close this thread, but I request a gif as the final post - and that being your specialty . . .



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